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Jermaine Shakespeare is a worship leader, song-writer and minister of the gospel. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Canada, he accepted Jesus and had a divine encounter with the Holy Spirit at the age of nine. The Lord revealed His purpose to him at a tender age and he began to sing, to write and to lead people into the presence of the Lord through powerful praise and worship services.

Shakespeare’s Life Mission is to tap into the POWER that is found in PRAISE & WORSHIP and motivate others to do the same. He states that, “You just need to get to that place in God; once you get there, anything is possible!”

Over the past 15 years, Shakespeare has played an integral role in various prominent music ministries within Toronto.  A business owner and entrpenuer, he served on staff at Tyndale University College & Seminary, Toronto’s Christian University and Canada’s leading Seminary. He served faithfully as Worship Arts Ministry Director and Full-Time Worship Leader for 10 years at Word of Truth Christian Centre, where he was ordained a Minister. He is honoured to have shared the stage with distinguished psalmists such as Fred Hammond, Israel & New Breed, Steve Green, Edwin Hawkins, Karen Clark-Sheard, Tye Tribett, Pastor Richard Brown, and Steven Hurd. He has also served as a youth minister and is often called upon to speak at retreats,conferences and worship services. He has worked diligently building others and assisting the vision of his mentors and teachers.

In 2008, Shakespeare founded WORSHIPOWER. A ministry designed to enhance, equip and educate on the calling, discipline and power of Praise & Worship. Today he travels internationally teaching passionately and practically on the subject and leading people into the presence of a God with whom all things are possible. He has been carefully groomed and prepared by the Lord for such a time as this; and what an awesome time it is!

In March 2013 Jermaine released "CROSSONGS" Worship material that points you to the CROSS - Where the love of God is felt, freedom is found and true healing takes place.  Not too long before CROSSONGS, Jermaine released "Heaven's Own Son - A Celebration of Christ Jesus" in December of 2012. The Heaven's Own Son Project comprised of original worship material as well as other expressions of the arts.  Shakespeare's Worship Projects are a marriage of his three-fold calling as a worship leader after God’s own heart, a prophet unto the nations and a warrior for the kingdom of Heaven. It is the release of a new song that will unleash the power of God in a dynamic way for this generation. Much like William during his era, Shakespeare is a fresh voice! He is offering hope and clarity for a generation of God-seekers, and proclaiming an urgent call back to their first love for the chosen of the Lord. As he enters into worship and communion with the King, you cannot help but go with him.


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